Tryon Ergosense Grepp

Komplett ställ med 10 olika maskingrepp. Ergonomiskt designade för bästa styrketräningen.

Följande handtag finns:
700175 – Latsstång, två olika positioner för bästa grepp
700176 – Roddhandtag, två olika positioner för bästa grepp
700177 – Roddhandtag
700178 – Tricepsstång – två olika positioner för bästa grepp
700179 – Tricepsstång
700180 – Tricepsrep
700181 – Bicepstång
700182 – Smal bicepstång
700183 – Bicepsrep
700184 – Enkelgrepp, 2st
700185 – Rep
700186 – Ställ för alla handtag

Greppen säljes som hela set, välj med eller utan ställ.

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TRYON Grips ensures the hands are placed in the ergonomically correct position from the start, allowing you to work out more productively and ensuring you hold the correct position right through your training cycle.

Maintaining correct position focuses effort on the muscle groups in question. No wasted effort. Less risk of stress and strain on fingers, wrists arms and shoulders. Less unnecessary overloading. Intended for far more comfortable workout, once experienced, there’s no falling back to tradition.

 Genuinely INNOVATIVE, simple to use, just common sense.


TRYON is a Spanish brand that has been in the market for the last fifteen years specialized in Product Design and Development.

This is a personal project conceived and directed by Salvador Bruno, where his creativity, and large experience as a Designer and Industrial Engineer, together with his passion for the  world of Bodybuilding and Fitness after years of hard training, were the main drivers.

With Ergosense by TRYON, we had a clear goal while developing our Innovative Fitness Grips: be a leader in innovation, design and technology. The biomechanical and ergonomic study has been our starting point to bring this product to its necessary evolution. Groundbreaking designed, comfortable and made of top quality materials, TRYON grips are unique as they incorporate a totally new concept.

The key word is INNOVATION.

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