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The Evolution line by PRIME sets the standard for strength training equipment. Evolution equipment features:
+ Newly designed smaller footprint maximizes the efficient use of floor space.
+ Solid steel design that offers a strong foundation with a modern look.
+ Precision-cut metal weight stack shield for superior durability and visual appeal.
+ SmartCam technology with an improved strength curve and range of motion.
+ Add-on weight system, allowing 5-pound increments with just the turn of a handle.

The EVOLUTION line includes: Arm Curl, Leg Extension, Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Leg Press, Seated Leg Curl, Shoulder Press, Tricep Extension and Prone Leg Curl


PRIME was launched in 2014 by Specialty Fitness Systems (SFS). SFS was a company created by Specialty Fabrication and Powder Coating (SFPC), who since 2009 was the sole manufacturer for STRIVE, a leader in the strenght training industry. STRIVE is best known for their innovative cam technology, which allow users a variety of resistance selections at different points within an individual exercise motion. With the resistance set at any of nine options on the cam, users can pinpoint a workout onto a specific strength of their muscle - helping greatly with spot muscle training, rehabilitation or just getting a total body workout faster. In early 2014, SFPC acquired STRIVE's cam technology and other patents and created SFS. Armed with the cam technology and a philosophy rooted in innovation, SFS launched PRIME. The new PRIME brand combines STRIVE's cam technology with SFS's innovation and manufacturing prowess to create three lines of selectorized machines: Evolution, Hybrid, and Legacy. Each machine boasts and the amptly named SmartCam™ technology, and each Evolution and Hybrid selectorized machine includes easy weight changing with a push-and-pull adjustment bar offering five-pound increments. PRIME also boasts a unique aestethic, with modern features like perforated metal weight shields, metal frames and eye-catching details.

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